YABATECH Cut-Off Marks 2023/2024 ND and B.Sc Edu Programmes

YABATECH Cut-Off Marks 2023/2024 | ND and B.Sc Edu Programmes

YABATECH Cut-Off Marks 2023/2024 ND and B.Sc Edu Programmes

Yaba College of Technology (YABATECH), the forerunner in technological education in Nigeria, has officially released the cut-off marks for the 2023/2024 academic session.

These benchmarks are pivotal for aspirants aiming to secure a place in the National Diploma (ND) full-time and Bachelor of Science in Education (B.Sc Edu) programmes.

Understanding YABATECH’s Admission Cut-Off Marks

YABATECH has established itself as an
institution that values merit, which is
reflected in its meticulous admission process. The cut-off marks are more than
numbers; they represent the level of
proficiency expected from incoming students to thrive in a competitive academic environment.

National Diploma (ND) Full-Time Merit Scores

01. ND Accountancy: 66.60
02. ND Agricultural & Bio-Environmental Engineering: 50.00
03. ND Agricultural Technology: 56.20
04. ND Architectural Technology: 63.30
05. ND Banking & Finance: 62.05
06. ND Building Technology: 57.95
07. ND Business Administration & Management: 65.10
08. ND Chemical Engineering: 61.10
09. ND Civil Engineering: 62.40
10. ND Computer Engineering: 63.70
11. ND Computer Science: 65.95
12. ND Electrical & Electronics Engineering: 65.55
13. ND Estate Management: 58.70
14. ND Fashion Design: 64.65
15. ND Food Technology: 60.10
16. ND General Art: 65.85
17. ND Hospitality Management: 59.15
18. ND Industrial Maintenance Engineering: 52.15
19. ND Leisure & Tourism: 54.80
20. ND Library & Information Science: 63.35
21. ND Marine Engineering: 58.65
22. ND Marketing: 60.60
23. ND Mass Communication: 69.45
24. ND Mechanical Engineering: 62.55
25. ND Mechatronics Engineering: 59.35
26. ND Metallurgical Engineering: 51.60
27. ND Mineral & Petroleum Resources
Engineering: 50.00
28. ND Nutrition & Dietetics: 61.40
29. ND Office Technology & Mgt: 59.85
30. ND Photography: 50.00
31. ND Polymer Technology: 50.00
32. ND Printing Technology: 52.00
33. ND Public Administration: 62.90
34. ND Quantity Surveying: 57.55
35. ND Science Laboratory Technology: 66.00
36. ND Statistics: 56.05
37. ND Surveying & Geo-Informatics: 52.95
38. ND Textile Technology: 53.50
39. ND Urban & Regional Planning: 53.55
40. ND Welding & Fabrication: 52.10

B.Sc (Edu.) Full-Time Merit Scores

01. B.Sc Art Education: 52.20
02. B.Sc Biology Education: 58.20
03. B.Sc Business Education: 52.50
04. B.Sc Chemistry Education: 57.00
05. B.Sc Computer Education: 58.05
06. B.Sc Home Economics Education: 50.00
07. B.Sc Industrial Technical Education: 50.00
08. B.Sc Integrated Science Education: 50.00
09. B.Sc Mathematics Education: 50.00
10. B.Sc Physics Education: 50.00

These figures are not mere thresholds; they are beacons guiding potential educators towards a path of professional development.

Deciphering YABATECH’s UTME Cut-Off Marks

YABATECH’s delineation of the admission
process is a clear indicator of its commitment to upholding high academic
standards. For candidates who have chosen YABATECH as their preferred institution in the UTME, the cut-off mark stands at 150 for ND full-time programmes. Prospective students for the Bachelor of Science Degree at the 100 Level, affiliated with the University of Nigeria, Nsukka, must meet a cut-off mark of 160.

Stepping Stones to Your Academic Goals

The disclosure of these cut-off marks is an essential step for any prospective student. YABATECH encourages all aspirants to view these marks as stepping stones to their academic and professional goals. With a clear understanding of the required merit scores, students can prepare with focus and determination for the admission process ahead.

Should you aim for a spot in YABATECH’s
prestigious corridors, these cut-off marks are your compass. They are not just indicators of your eligibility but also a reflection of the institution’s dedication to fostering a vibrant community of learners, innovators, and future leaders.

Stay informed and align your academic
pursuits with the standards set by
YABATECH, an institution that prides itself on academic excellence and innovation.


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