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Sa’id Shuaib’s ‘I AM A NIGERIAN’ Fosters Hope, Belief

Sa’id Shuaib’s I AM A NIGERIAN Fosters Hope Belief

Sa’id Shuaib’s I AM A NIGERIAN Fosters Hope Belief – At this time where role models are scarce and patriotism is on the lower ebb, there is a hunt for gems that espouse good citizenship because we do not have another country. Dynamic poet and creative artist, Said Shuaib has shown the way to inspire optimism, which is an ingredient we all need.

The visual released to commemorate Nigeria’s 63rd independence anniversary and promote hope in the Bola Tinubu administration is a bold attempt to inspire hope in the nation’s ability to attain greatness.

Said Shuaib whose love for the country’s diversity and great human capital potential, reflects in this presentation. It began with a powerful monologue – ‘I AM A Nigerian’ which
reflects a good identity perception having grown up perhaps in the right environment and guidance.

The colourful and melodic visual takes the viewer in a journey of patriotism, cultural diversity, love and respect for the other man wherever he or she is from across the country. The author attempts to paint a good picture on why criticism should be made and considered constructively, for Nigeria is on the upward trend and why everyone needs to believe in the Nigerian Project and dream again, for we have what it takes.

Shuaib takes the viewer down memory lane and shows the picture of our founding fathers and uses traditional rulers namely, the Obi of Onitsha, Tor Tiv, Atta of Igala, Oba of Benin, Ooni of Ife, Shehu of Bornu, Sultan of Sokoto and others as symbols of unity in diversity.

“I AM A NIGERIAN’ reflects the potential and lofty ideals of a great nation capable of attaining its height of ‘eldorado’ The creative made a bold and colorful tapestry of Nigeria’s national heroes in arts, sports and entertainment who have reflected our greatness and how far we can achieve among the global committee of nations, showing pictures of Grammy Award winner, Burna Boy, World records holder in 100 meters hurdles, Tobi Amusan and other greats in their different fields of endeavour.

The creative also used the visual to show how sports can be a veritable tool for promoting unity should be taken more seriously as a business and not just a recreation as it has many areas, fields with ability to create thousands of jobs just like when the movie industry, Nollywood has been proven to do with little government support. Music, fashion and movies are becoming Nigeria’s next oil and this is reflected in the piece. Our cultural diversity is another gold mine waiting to be tapped.

At a time when the voice of the youths are being heard in diverse places and there seems to be an awakening into reality and what a united front can achieve. The narrative of Nobel laureate, Professor Wole Soyinka’s ‘You Must Set Forth At Dawn’ resonates loud and clear.

And even with the new administration led by President Bola Ahmed Tinubu creating a separate ministry of Youth Affairs as against the norm and what was in the last administration. Said Shuaib should be commended for this brave effort of inspiring change in how we look at our present situation and taking our destiny into our hands with positive actions and not prayers alone.

“I am simply a city boy without an ethnic preference. I am a Nigerian. That we survived a civil war and remained united is a testament of our inner strength and a character fortified by a belief in God and the oneness of our country.,” the visual by Shuaib voices.

Dedicated to the All Progressives Congress (APC) Youth Directorate, the creative’s four minutes visual is a veritable attempt at fostering attitudinal change and the need to support the present government and move the nation forward in the right direction.


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