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Leventis Foundation One-Year Training Program For Nigerians

Leventis Foundation One-Year Training Program For Nigerians

The Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) is a charitable organization that focuses on training young people and farmers in modern and sustainable agricultural practices, as well as the responsible use of natural resources.

Since 1987, the Foundation has been providing agricultural training to youths and farmers. Currently, they have
established six agricultural training schools in different regions of Nigeria.

These schools, located in the FCT, Osun, Kano, and Gombe states, are funded by both the Leventis Foundation and the respective State Governments. The schools offer training to young individuals who are interested in pursuing a career in farming and agribusiness. The one-year training program covers various aspects of agriculture, agricultural value chains, and other farm-related businesses.

Both male and female candidates are welcome to apply for admission. Successful candidates will receive free
tuition, boarding, and meals throughout the course.

Advantages of a One-Year Training Program

The purpose of this training program is to cultivate a new generation of dedicated young farmers in Nigeria. The
program is completely free for participants and aims to spark an agricultural revolution in their communities, while also improving the food system.

Qualifications for the One-Year Training Program

Applicants must meet the following requirements, among others:

a.) Be in good physical condition.

b.) Have the ability to read and write in English (proof of at least a secondary school certificate may be necessary).

c.) Be between the ages of 18 and 40.

d.) Successfully pass both a written and oral test before final selection.

e.) Show a genuine interest in agriculture.

f.) Having a background in farming is advantageous.

How to Apply

To apply, please follow these steps:
Write your application by hand and include all the necessary information mentioned above.

Include a letter signed by the chairman or secretary of your Local Government of origin, or an attestation letter from a Justice of Peace (JP).

  • Attach two recent passport size photographs.
  • Provide three references.
  • Include photocopies of your academic qualifications or relevant documents.
  • Forward your application to any of the addresses below, preferably to the school of your choice.
    1. Leventis Foundation/Osun State Agricultural Training School, Imo, P.M.B. 5074, Ilesa, Osun State
    2. Leventis Foundation/Kano State Agricultural Training School, Panda, Albasu Local Government P.M.B. 3555, Kano, Kano State
    3. Leventis Foundation/Gombe State Agricultural Training School Tumu, Akko Local Government, Gombe State
    4.  Leventis Foundation/FCT Agricultural Training School
      Yaba, Abaji Area Council
      P.M.B. 001, Abaji,Abuja.
    5. The General Manager (Technical and Training) Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Ltd/Gte No 2, Leventis Close, Central Business District, P.O. Box 20351, Garki Abuja, FCT.


The Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) not only provides a one-year training program but also offers a range of consultancy services and targeted short courses in various areas of agriculture.

These include processing and packaging, poultry production, vegetable production, beekeeping, honey production, fish farming, mushroom production, value chain development, feed formulation, greenhouse farming, hydroponics, urban farming, and climate-smart agriculture, among others.


  • Application Deadline: Friday 15th December, 2023
  • Screening/Examination comes up on Saturday 16th December, 2023

For further inquiries, please contact:

Mrs. Janet Egbe-Owoicho, Leventis Foundation (Nigeria) Ltd/Gte

Email: [email protected] , Telephone: 07085524233

For more information, visit the official


Facebook: Leventis Foundation Nigeria;

Twitter: @LeventisAgriSch


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