KLCOE Tuition-Free Scholarship Scheme for NCE Programs 2023/2024

Ever dreamt of advancing your education at no tuition cost ? Kingdom Life College of Education ( KLCOE ) in Ikot Udoma Eket presents a golden opportunity with its tuition -free scholarship scheme for NCE programs in the 2023/ 2024 academic session . But how can you be part of this academic bonanza , and what does it mean for your educational aspirations? Let 's find out .

KLCOE Tuition-Free Scholarship Scheme for NCE Programs 2023/2024

In a landmark initiative, the Kingdom Life
College of Education (KLCOE) in Ikot Udoma, Eket, is proud to announce its tuition-free scholarship scheme for the upcoming 2023/2024 academic session. This generous offer extends to various National Certificate in Education (NCE) programmes, giving you a unique chance to pursue higher education without the financial strain of tuition fees.

A Leap Towards Academic Excellence

  • Scholarships: A Gateway to Opportunities This scholarship scheme is an unparalleled opportunity, especially designed by KLCOE to alleviate the financial burdens of education. It requires only the payment of development fees, freeing you from tuition costs and other ancillary charges.

KLCOE’s Commitment to Education

The institution’s acting registrar, Mrs. Linder James Ekanem, extends a warm invitation to all prospective candidates to seize this incredible opportunity. The scholarship aligns with KLCOE’s mission to promote the growth of young, gifted individuals in Akwa Ibom State and across Nigeria.

The Path to Enrollment

Admission Process

The admissions office is operational Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 4 pm to facilitate your enrolment process. Bear in mind, admissions formalities will conclude in December, and the academic journey will commence in January 2024.

The College’s Pledge

KLCOE takes pride in its pursuit of academic distinction and dedication to imparting quality education. The college offers an array of specialized certificate courses, both part-time and full-time, leading to the award of an NCE. With devoted faculty members and modern facilities, KLCOE stands as a beacon of exemplary learning.

Taking the Next Step

Interested candidates are encouraged to visit the school to gather more information and collect admission forms. The admission officer is reachable at 07030160784 or 07042995976 for any queries.

Do not miss this extraordinary chance to
further your education at the Kingdom Life College of Education, where your academic ambitions are nurtured and supported. This scholarship could be the key to unlocking a brighter future.


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