ATBU Postgraduate Academic Calendar 2023: Plan Your Academic Year!

ATBU Postgraduate Academic Calendar 2023 Plan Your Academic Year

Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University (ATBU), Bauchi, has released the ATBU postgraduate academic calendar for the upcoming 2023-2024 session. This detailed calendar provides essential dates and activities for postgraduate students, marking significant academic milestones for the School of Postgraduate Studies (SPGS).

ATBU Postgraduate Academic Calendar Overview

The academic year is structured to optimize the educational journey of postgraduate students, starting with the completion of the second semester for the 2021/2022 session and the commencement of the new 2022/2023
academic year.

Completion of 2nd Semester 2021/2022


  • Completion of 2021/2022 Second Semester Examinations: 26th October – 1st November 2023 (One week)


  • Marking: 2nd – 7th November 2023 (One week)


  • Departmental/Faculty PG Committee Meetings: 8th – 11th November 2023 (Four Days)


  • PG Board Meeting/Special Senate Business Committee (SBC) & Senate: 13th – 24th November 2023 (Two weeks)

Commencement of 2022/2023 Academic Session


  • First Semester Registration: 3rd October 2023 – 26th October 2023 (Three weeks)


  • Lectures: 26th October 2023 – 13th January 2024 (12 Weeks)


  • First Semester Examinations: 15th January – 10th February 2024 (4 Weeks)


  • Marking: 12th February – 3rd March 2024 (3 Weeks)


  • Departmental/ Faculty PG Committee Meetings: 4th – 7th March 2024 (4 Days)


  • PG Board Meeting: 11th – 12th March 2024 (2 Days)


  • Senate Business Committee Meeting: 15th – 18th March 2024 (2 Days)


  • Senate Examination Meeting: 20th March 2024 (1 Day)


  • Inter Semester break (All Students): 10th February to 20th March 2024 (Five weeks)

2nd Semester 2022/2023


  • Resumption/Registration for All Students: 21st – 28th March 2024 (1 Week)


  • Lectures: 21st March – 5th June 2024 (12 Weeks)


  • 2nd Semester Examinations: 6th June – 4th July 2024 (4 Weeks)


  • Marking: 5th July – 25th July 2024 (3 Weeks)


  • Departmental PG Committee Meeting: 26th – 27th July 2024 (2 Days)


  • Faculty PG Committee Meetings: 29th –30th July 2024 (Three Days)


  • PG Board Meeting: 2nd – 3rd August 2024 (Two Days)


  • Senate Business Committee Meetings: 9th – 12th August 2024 (Four Days)


  • Senate Examinations Meeting: 14th August 2024 (One Day)


  • Vacation for all students: 4th July –26th September 2024 (14 Weeks)


  • Annual Leave for Academic Staff: 15th August – 26th September 2024 (43 Days)

Vacation and Commencement of 2023/2024 Session

The university reopens for the next academic session on 30th September, 2024.

Important Notes

Scheduled PG-ICT Training: Throughout the academic session, postgraduate students have the opportunity to enhance their ICT skills, a critical aspect of contemporary research and professional development.


The ATBU postgraduate academic calendar is meticulously designed to support the academic and professional growth of its students. As the university continues to foster a rigorous academic environment, this calendar serves as a roadmap for the postgraduate community at ATBU.


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