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“You go dey prank Akpi” – Lady lands in ‘wahala’ after deflating Speed Darlington’s car tyres, says it was a prank

You go dey prank Akpi Lady lands in ‘wahala’ after deflating Speed Darlington’s car tyres, says it was a prank – Nigerian singer, Speed Darlington was involved in an altercation with a woman who attempted to prank him over a parking spot. The woman directed a man to loosen the tires o n Speedy’s ca r in a video that has since gone viral.

Speedy confronted the woman after discovering his tyres had been punctured, despite the fact that she had followed him on Instagram.

When Speedy kicked a sign behind the car and promised to deal with the woman, the argument heated up.

He said , “no parking what, you puncture four of my tyres, you smooke crack? I say are you maad?”

Then the lady asked him , “will you beat me?” Speedy replied her “maybe”. *

Netizens Reactions…

@Mr_kay said: “Do you wanna beat me?
Akpi: MAYBE.”

@I_Am_Oluchi reacted: “On top our Benzo??? Una dey Whyne?”

@Sandyphina said: “Our benzo.”

@zuganbodyworks said: “Who go prank gods.”

@Puritylove reacted: “Maybe got me rolling on the floor.”

@Ednaveed reacted: “It the maybe for me.”

@shred commented: “Them de prank the GODS.”

@Boodaddy994 said:“Akpi no dey accept this kinda play.”

@Nenye.sum said: “Speed is in a good mood here Abeg.”

@Ladyparkistan commented: “Don’t prank my

@user6512913255712 said: “Deh play; he’s from New York and they dgaf about nothing.”

Watch the video below:



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