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Tems Proclaims Spirituality In ‘ME & U’ Video

Tems Proclaims Spirituality In ‘ME & U’ Video

Tems Proclaims Spirituality In ‘ME & U’ Video – Grammy Award-winning and Oscar-nominated Nigerian singer, Tems, has just unveiled her first solo release since 2021.

The track titled, “Me & U”, is now available along with a mesmerising visual via Since ’93/RCA Records.

She first teased the song on September 29, posting photos from the then unreleased video on X (formerly known as Twitter) when a fan compared the photo of Tems standing in shallow natural water wearing a translucent white gown and imagery of Osun and Yemayá, two deities known as ‘Orisa’ in the Nigerian Yorùbá spirituality.

She quickly clarified her intentions saying, “Actually it’s about Jesus Christ teaching me how to walk on water, to trust Him and not in human understanding.

“He changed my life. And if you seek Him, He will fill you up too.”

Speaking on the self-directed video, Tems said “Me & U” was about discovering the ‘real me’, building a genuine relationship with one’s Creator, and gaining a true perception of self.


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