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My Love For Money Made Me Chose Music Over Dance — Asake

My Love For Money Made Me Chose Music Over Dance Asake

My Love For Money Made Me Chose Music Over Dance Asake

My Love For Money Made Me Chose Music Over Dance Asake – Nigerian music star, Ahmed Ololade, popularly known as
Asake, reiterated that his choice of pursuing music over dancing was driven by his financial aspirations. Also known as ‘Mr Money’, the singer clarified in an interview that he opted for a music career as he was uncertain if dancing would yield the financial success he aimed for.

He said: “The main reason why I left dance is for the love of money. I know I want to be very honest. Dance is some thing that I love. I can’t even do without moving, but I feel like the kind of money I want, I’m not sure dance can give me.”

Asake emphasised the significance of integrating music with dance, stating that one without the other could be perceived as dull.

However, he reiterated his preference for music over dance due to his strong desire for financial success.

He noted: “I think both music and dance work together because in a video without a dancer, it’s like this song is boring.

“Even if you want to make it so gangster-like and there are so many people bumping, you still need to use the dancers.

So, as they work together, I think for the love of money, I’d rather be singing.”

When questioned about whether he would pursue dancing if it brought significant success, Asake responded that he would opt to do both simultaneously, maximizing his potential to earn more money.

He added laughing: “No, I would join music and dance together so I will have more money.”

Earlier in the year, the Theatre and Dramatic Arts graduate said as a youngster, his love for dancing and every thing about dance informed his decision to study it in school and even forge a career out of it.

He, however, admitted a slight change was introduced along the way when he ultimately fell in love with “having
money too”.

Mr Money confessed the desire to make as much money as he wanted to influence his decision to embrace a career as a singer which he gets to combine with his first love, dancing.


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