Chipper Cash: How to create a USD Virtual Account Number

Chipper Cash How to create a USD Virtual Account Number in Nigeria

Learn how to create a USD Virtual Account Number and receive money directly from any Bank Account in the USA. In line with our vision to unlock global opportunities and connect Africa, we have taken another step by giving you the power to create a USD Virtual Account Number.

Creating this USD account number will enable you to get paid for services via ACH Credit Transactions and Wire Transfers based in the United States of America (USA).

Follow the instructions below to learn how to create one for yourself:

Note: that you will be charged a ₦5,000 fee for creating a USD virtual account number.


1. Log into your account and tap on the Nigerian Flag beside your wallet balance


2. Select your USD wallet


3. Tap Add Cash


4. Tap Account Details


5. Tap Create USD Account



6. Provide the necessary information requested (ID, Address, Phone Number, Email Address) and tick the boxes below to agree to the T&Cs. Then, tap Create USD Account.



7. Voila! Your new USD virtual account number is ready and available to share with others. 💸




Kindly note that any funds deposited or credited to your Chipper USD virtual account number will be credited to your Chipper USD wallet or balance.

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