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6ix9ine’s Body Cam Footage Shows He’s Still In Hot Water

6ix9ine’s Body Cam Footage Shows He’s Still In Hot Water

6ix9ine’s Body Cam Footage Shows He’s Still In Hot Water

6ix9ine’s Body Cam Footage Shows He’s Still In Hot Water – 6ix9ine’s Confusion In New Body Cam Footage Sparks Speculation About His Legal Troubles. New body cam footage has surfaced of 6ix9ine’s arrest, and it shows the rapper appearing confused and be wildered. In the footage, 6ix9ine is questioned by police about a traffic warrant, but he seems to have trouble understanding what they are asking him. He also claims that he doesn’t know which documents are his.

This new footage has sparked speculation about 6ix9ine’s legal troubles, and it remains to be seen what charges he will ultimately face. It looks like 6ix9ine was in more legal trouble than people believed, at least based on new body cam footage that surfaced of a recent arrest.

Moreover, the rainbow-haired rapper him self looked and sounded quite confused in the clip as an officer cuffed him. Readers might be thinking that this traffic stop relates to his recent incarceration for failing to show up in court amid his credit card debt case. However, the officers mention a traffic warrant for driving an unregistered vehicle, but one of them does also mention to him that Tekashi didn’t pay his fees or show up in court.

As such, the situation is a bit hazy, but given his recent video working out at a Planet Fitness after getting beat up at an LA Fitness, it seems like he was able to handle both.

Regardless, the footage shows officers asking 6ix9ine for his license and registration as he holds a large stack of documents in the driver’s seat. “I don’t know which is which,” the New York artist says. Then, he starts to question the officers about getting sent to jail over a traffic warrant. In footage from within the police car, the “Shaka Laka” provocateur says that all his cars are under his brother’s name, and that he already handled registration.


Furthermore, in the timestamp of the video, you can see that this took place on August 9 of this year. That lines up closely with 6ix9ine’s arrest for the court no-show in his credit card debt case, so maybe it’s a case of conflicting reports. Still, that’s probably going to be some thing he will continue to deal with in the future. After all, when you’re dealing with American Express, you can’t escape easily.

Meanwhile, considering the 27-year-old’s massive success, paying six figures in that case shouldn’t be too much of a headache. Anything could be the case, but nothing’s stopped him from boasting and trolling online before. We’ll see if the next few days or weeks hold more
legal developments for the controversial star. On that note, come back to techblogbase.com for the latest news and updates on 6ix9ine.


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